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Little Greenhouse

Recently the school tore down and replaced two of the old buildings with a really nice looking campus.  But just a short 10 years ago, they had replaced all the old windows with nicely...


Securing phpMyAdmin

Hardening access to phpMyAdmin to secure a known weak spot on Ubuntu servers. Here are a few ideas to help you make your server even more secure.

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Asa Run

So, the other day, a Sunday and my first day off in over a week, I participated in an Interesting aspect of Japanese biker culture.  It’s called the 朝ラン, or Asa run. Asa being...


SSL Troubles

Man it has been a bitch getting things to play right.  Everything was looking good until I tried to switch over to https.  Now even though I can see the site fine on the...


Site Renewal

Well, I’ve finally got the site back up.  I’ve updated the server and converted my previously Joomla site to WordPress. There is still a ton of work that needs to be done (Like reattaching...

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Spa Naoiri #2

2nd Track Day So, last Sunday we had our second track day at SPA Naoiri. Great fun and the weather stayed dry for us until we were finished. Kind of the same deal as...

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Spa Naoiri #1

Spa Naoiri – first track day Yesterday, I went to my first track day. The track is called Spa Naoiri and is located in Oita, Japan. (The prefecture in the upper right of the...


7 Hour Solo

I had a true day off last Friday. (Wife at work & kids at school) so I went for a 7 hour solo ride up to a little island in northern Nagasaki prefecture called...


About this Shite

Who knows what the hell this is all about anyway?  I’m trying to create a family web page and going about it in the most difficult way I can find – Setting up a...

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Funny JapEnglish

One of the things I like to do when traveling around Japan is look for funny English.  Well, this weekend I took the family up to Yamaguchi to check out the caves and the...