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MiniDLNA=Happiness 0


So, I finally got something to go well on my server – I successfully got MiniDLNA set up as a media server on my system.  After loading some videos, pics and tunes onto the...


Ubuntu 12.04 install

Note: ¬†I’m setting up an English system on a Japanese computer Easy Breezy –> Here’s a quick and dirty on installing Ubuntu Server 12.04. ¬†Detailed install instructions are a dime a dozen on the...

Cleaning your /Boot 0

Cleaning your /Boot

So a couple of times since getting my server up and running, I find that I can't install some linux-image-3.5.0.xx-generic or other because  it says the disk is full.  Well, this is actually nothing...

Kept Back Packages 0

Kept Back Packages

So, what do you do when you run apt-get upgrade and you get: The following packages have been kept back: Perhaps you use: apt-get dist-upgrade.  Well, I had no idea what to do so...

MyBB Forum Install 0

MyBB Forum Install

Installed a forum, or bulletin board as they used to be called, and thought I would add the how-to for posterity's sake.  Click Read more if you are interested.  

Ubuntu Release Update Killed My Server 0

Ubuntu Release Update Killed My Server

So, one night after a few too many beers I checked my server and saw the following message for the hundredth time: Your current Hardware Enablement Stack (HWE) is going out of support on...

Ubuntu Locale Error 0

Ubuntu Locale Error

I have pretty much always had locale errors on my Ubuntu servers.  I figured it was probably due to having it set for US English with a Japanese keyboard or something.  Well, I finally...